Sunday, June 3, 2012

Poetic ache

Poetic ache;

As liquid evaporating,
my reflection vanishes
dust of bone drifted, 

And the quiddity of my 
soul collapses while it waits, 
hoping for a return, 

Like ships in the open sea, 
lingering for 
a placid voyage, 

I continue 
in the same wave, 
like branches I waggle 
vigorously in my aches, 

Trying to elude the reason, 
escaping from my own breath, 
and as I see the leaves of trees 

Each of them feel my pain, 
and I travel in my head to all 
of these places without 
taking a step, 

I dream with my eyes wide open, 
gazing at a fantasy frame, 
for my life becomes poetic
by the endlessness of my constant aches.