Saturday, July 21, 2012

You were so clever

You were so clever

You were so clever 
you diged into my world 

like ants looking for shelter,
I was empty like a tunnel,

You were vicious like a snake. 

Not while you needed 
my lips to quench your fire, 
I became vain in my desires,

When you weren't killing me 

you were charming, 
and when you were charming 
you were still a liar.

I never really knew you, 

you were silence with
many secrets hidden, and I was 

not with you.
I clinch to sadness and sadness 

so tenderly hold me back, 
I can smell the gardenia of 
your emptiness and it 
grabs my soul,
So sweet, yet so dead

with tears of pouring thin rain, 

they touched my bones 
and hurt me,

Beating my hopes, 

my words are more yours than mine, 
they climb up my body like flames
waiting for your return.

You are the blame for 

this cruel tone in my voice, 
before you, there was nothing 
but me, 
now you left a hole in me!
you hear me?


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