Friday, April 11, 2008

Article; Why men lie

Why men lie

I have been in a few relationships that have giving me many sorrows, every time i meet a man , he turns out to be, mean and untruthful. I want to write about this in this blog; why are men liars, why do men use woman to get what they want, why can't men say the truth; where are the men in this world. A man is suppose to be gentle with a woman, sweet and caring; a real man wont hurt a woman, even if this woman is a prostitute or anything else for that matter. My parents always said to my brothers and me, that we all should treat others how we want to be treated. But there are so many men out there that act like they got no blood in their veins..
There are no excuses for a man to lie, "if is a man or a woman" when a lie is said, there are other things coming your way. The most important thing in a human being is been truthful.I know that many of us lie now and then, but when it comes to hurting peoples feelings, we need to look out, and think before we hurt others; there's a thing called KARMA this is so real people, and not only karma but God sees all we do and that's one thing that is very real, God pulls away from us when we act in a neglected way; then bad things happen to us. What you do to others be sure it will be done to you sooner or later. Why do men have to hurt a women's feelings; they care less; You don't have the right to mistreat a human being, and play with their heart. If you want to play around and not have a serious relationship, please what can it take, just say the truth; and don't go lying to get to our pants.

Morals and integrityI do not think that there's a sad excuse in back of a mans action...Integrity is one thing that not all men have..or many of us for that matter.When a man has morals and principles they act in good terms, they consider women, and what they are and mean to society, and what women mean to God. Woman carry a special gift in them that God gave...And that's to carry a human being inside them, men do not have this gift. Women are fragile and then again strong by Gods gift...We are a important species to man we should be treated like what we are special.

Some factsEveryone lies i don't argue that but men of all century are most likely to lie then women, why and how they lie, what is there in the mind of these men.Why do they have to lie all the time.Is it a good behavior to lie so much?.I understand that not all men act the same way.But i do think that most of us are costum by nature to be selfish and over protective to ourselves, we rather have the other person suffer deceptions and not us. We are like animals trying to stay alive in the world of lust, and desires.We focus in fulfilling our own desires.This is where i want my point of view to be read, it seems like men have the same agreement in all practice action towards women.I'm referring to all men kind, humanity.Some women do act allot like men too.But there is a small percentage. We all try to fulfill our thirst in many ways.Even if it means hurting others because we are so selfish when it comes to our happiness and our hanker. We forget that there are people just like us that have the same desires and want to fulfill them as well.But not all being act the same way of course. The people that are close to their inner self, the people that hear their conscious speak to them before acting. These people are less likely to use others, mistreat or even lie to them.We are never satisfy. Sometimes we take for granted things in life, and when we lose them after a while we want them back, to probably take it for granted again, because we are so unsatisfied with what we have,that it makes us act this way...Most men act self-centered with women, men lie often when they have a secret that can interrupt their relations with if they are married, they will lie to us, in order to have their way.I know about this guy that my friend met in the Internet, he was a big fat liar...he had his way with her, and just after a minute someone calls his cell, and he tells her he has to go rescue his daughter that is stranded in the highway..That was a lie, she knew because it happen again, after having his way, he did the same thing. He said he had to leave to take his daughter to see her mom at the hospital.After this happened my friend ask her male friend if this was possible, "that this guy had lie to her"..When she told her friend , "he said", "yes it is possible that he lied". Two times the man told her similar excuses to get out of the situation, after having sex of course.


Spider63 said...

I have noticed that men are very deceptive. I think that some men think that if they are more intelligent than someone else (or if they think that they are more intelligent) then they have the right to lie. It is like a power trip. I try to avoid people that are liars. Some people just lie every day, all the time.

eileen said...

Mom I think you should put more of your poetry on your blog