Wednesday, July 18, 2012



Love is dormant when you 
Don't remember it, 
I do not want to think of it,
It makes me weep,
It gives me grief,

When I am settle and comfortable,
When I don't
Caress it,
It does not wake,

It does not keep me up at nights
When I don't see the beauty in
People that are in love,
In the birds that sing hymns of
Happines when they join
In their nest to make love.

If I see this tenderness,
If I gaze at them,
All it brings to me is lament, sadness,
For I do not want to think of love.

I want to be free,
Free of what doesn't even
Imprison me,
I do not want to hold love,

Love is like a golden nail
Thrust in my heart,
Love doesn't hold me,
It has no name, no future,
No bones or face,

Love has not just abandon me,
It laugh’s at me,
It hides from me,

I do not know where to find it,
It has no route to take me,
Not even a destiny to hold on to,
Love, love.

I don't know what to do anymore,
For love is not near me,
Love is a thing
That I rather not touch,

Because when I touch it- it burns
Like fire, it kills my hopes my peace ,
I cannot, and I do not want to think of love,

Love is not a feeling,
Is more like an ability,
That I refuse to activate,
And let it sink me away like a
Suffering slave.


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