Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ode to you

Ode to you;

It is not how you look, 
But how I see you, 
With chaste heart and pure eyes, 
I solemnize you, 

My beloved, 
I restraining my fervent blood, 
To be recognize not, 
I quietly awake, 

But you bed yourself in my lines, 
As in placid lakes, 
Or wave-foam

Earth music
Seas fragrance
In you, 

Nakedly clear, 
And beautiful to me, 
Whether it is your strong hands, 

On my breast, 
At a primal touch, 
Or your ultra thick lips, 

Like a musical instrument, 
The essentials of your skin, 
Color and redolence.

The deep landscape 
And meekness of your eyes.

You steal my breathe in a verse, 
And I keep writing to you my love.



Angelica said...
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Angelica said...

Angelica said...
This is a very romantic poem.

"Like a musical instrument,
The essentials of your skin,
Color and redolence."

I can feel the emotion building up more and more caused by senses that brings me back to sweet memories of love.

Elena Toledo said...

I love this poem!!!